Being curious is better than being smart.

A couple quick things:

  • Have you checked out our friends Character Built Construction new website?  

    • They have been building incredible spaces for years and the marketing department at Water's Edge Woods was honored to help them build a new website.  When we aren’t preaching the gospel of good wood, we love talking about marketing, branding, and helping other small businesses grow. If you need some help with your business you can learn more here.

  • What is Continuous Improvement?  

    • Lean manufacturing has done wonders for our business and people, but it can seem overly complex.  If your interested in learning more check out Paul Akers wonderful book “2 Second Lean.”  We consider it foundational to any business and you can read/listen to it for free on his website.

  • Quote we are pondering:

    • Being curious is better than being smart.  Being motivated and curious counts for more than being smart because it leads to action. Being smart will never deliver results on it’s own because it doesn’t get you to act. It is desire, not intelligence, that prompts behavior.  -James Clear

With gratitude,


Colleen Tatum