How to Write Emails Your Subscribers Will Actually Open

Colleen here.

I get an average of 30 emails a day from companies whose email list I've signed up for. Why? I find out about sales, current events, and receive great knowledge about topics I love like healthy communication, work out tips, finances, and home decor. The reality is, I only open about 3 of these emails a day and it's usually from the same 3 sources. 

So, what differentiates why I open those three emails versus the remaining 27? 

  • It's information I find relatable in my every day life.

  • They are sharing great content without me needing to make a purchase.

  • I know opening their email isn't a huge time commitment - it's short and to the point.

  • They send the email at the same time every day, so it's part of my routine.

  • The overall tone is generally laid-back, has some fun humor/emojis and isn't "glamorized" - it's like receiving an email from a friend.

To really hone in on email marketing strategies and copy writing, Andrew and I have been reading Ray Edwards book, How to Write Copy That Sells. There is an incredible chapter all about email strategy which I really found eye opening. He shares "21 Keys to Powerful Emails That Sell" and I want to summarize three of my favorite take-aways to help you increase your email open rate:  

  • Give visitors a reason to give their email. AKA a small Subscribe box in the lower left hand corner of your website isn't going to cut it. Get creative! Give away something for free since they are letting you into their inbox.

  • Give readers a reason to stay on your list. Avoid always selling stuff. Share interesting information that your customers find relative.

  • Most Wanted Response. What do you want your reader to do when they read your email? Know this before you craft your email so you don't confuse your reader.

The confused mind does nothing.
— Ray Edwards

If you want to purchase Ray Edwards book, it's on Amazon and the link is below. It's filled with great tips on how to write copy that sells, without being salesy. 

I'm going to go start reading his chapter on how to write copy that closes the deal...maybe that will be our next blog post. Bye! 

Colleen Tatum